Peak Scapes, Inc., is a Veteran owned business that always strives to "do it right the first time." We pay attention to the details and install your synthetic grass as if we were installing it in our own home. It is an environmentally friendly investment, adding value and beauty to your home while saving both time and money. Eliminating the need to mow, water, fertilize or weed, yardwork will soon be a distant memory. Think about the time spent performing yard work or the money spent paying for someone else to do it.

Water is in short supply here on the Front Range of Colorado and the water companies are raising the water rates every year. With the Southern Delivery System coming in soon, water rates are projected to double by 2016 (and that is just an estimate; costs are likely to be even higher).

The biggest bonus is reclaiming the weekends to enjoy the beauty and recreation that Colorado has to offer. Kids are able to enjoy playing on synthetic grass without the drawbacks of insects, mud and grass-stained clothes. We use the same synthetic grass on childcare playgrounds and sports fields; it’s much softer than sod and your pets will love it, too! Cleaning up after pets is simple, just pick up the feces and rinse the urine. There are also deodorizers that can be applied if urine is too concentrated. As you can see, synthetic grass is a win-win for everybody, offering the following benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Enhanced property values
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Long-term savings
  • Virtually maintenance free

And it’s beautiful!